Kamchatka Bears.
Life Begins
Seven months in the wild with brown bear families
The South Kamchatka Federal Sanctuary is often called a bear paradise. The LESFILM production team headed there and spent seven months observing and filming hidden secrets the newborn bear cubs' daily lives throughout their first year on Earth. 'Kamchatka Bears. Life Begins' is a movie that differs from the other nature documentary. The film is meditative. Music, the sounds of nature and the absence of a human voice allow the viewer to plunge into the beauty of wild nature as much as possible, to feel its presence among volcanoes, rivers and wild animals, and experience an important boundary, beyond which a person should not interfere.
Release Date
October 6, 2018
Nature documentary, family
55 min
Age restriction
Upcoming screenings
Distribution at Cinema Park, Formula Kino, Kinomax cinema chains and independent cinemas in more than 50 cities
Russia, October—November, 2018
Sondrio International Documentary Film Festival on Parks
November 15, 2018 | Sondrio, Italy
Greenmotions Film Festival
November 18, 2018 | Freiburg, Germany
MAPLANET(e) Festival (former CinéVert&bleu)
November 18, 2018 | Metz, France
Torelló Mountain Film Festival
November 24, 2018 | Torello, Spain
Igor Shpilenok, Dmitry Shpilenok
Directed by
Vladislav Grishin, Irina Zhuravleva
Irina Zhuravleva
Dmitry Sukhanov
Director of photography
Dmitry Shpilenok
Cinematography by
Mikhail Rodionov, Gennady Shalikov, Mikhail Korostelev, Dmitry Voronov, Andrey Zakharenko
Sound designer and mixer
Yulia Glukhova
Georgy Khimoroda
Sound recordist
Vladimir Arkhipov
Nina Bisyarina
Gerard Michael Maccarthy
Editing and Color grading
Vladislav Grishin
Grand Prix, Best Cinematographer
Barents Ecology Film Festival, Petrozavodsk, Russia
Grand Prix
Ekofilm International Ecological Film Festival, Nowogard, Poland
Prize of the Green Education Fund for Inspiring Message
International Film Festival Ekotopfilm — Envirofilm, Bratislava, Slovakia
WWF Special Mention for the best film about preservation of biodiversity
CinemAmbiente International Environmental Film Festival, Torino, Italy
Special mention
Smaragdni Eco Film Festival, Hrvatska Kostajnica, Croatia
Diploma for outstanding visual solution in terms of working in extreme conditions
International TV Ecological Festival «To Save and Preserve», Khanty-Mansiysk, Russia
Newcomer Award
NaturVision Film Festival, Ludwigsburg, Germany
Best Nature Film, Youth Jury Prize
Gran Paradiso Film Festival, Cogne, Italy
Best Wildlife Wonderland Film
SunChild International Environmental Festival, Yerevan, Armenia
Diploma of the jury, Diploma of Savva Kulish «For ceative searc
Okno Filmfest, Vyborg, Russia
Highly Commended Diploma
Matsalu International Nature Film Festival, Lihula, Estonia
Special Jury Prize for Cinematography
Baikal International Film Festival «People and Environment» n.a. V.G. Rasputin, Irkutsk, Russia
Grand Prix
Zero Plus International Film Festival, Tyumen, Russia
Grand Prix
Film festival about tourism and traveling «Russia inspires!», Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Best film in «Beauty of Nature» category
EKOFILM International Environmental Film Festival, Brno, Czech Republic
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